Our interdisciplinary team, made up of biologists, engineers, chemists, physicists, and programmers, works to optimize every production aspect of our product. We managed to lower the price, increase the performance and use way less energy, and this is just the beginning.

Kernel Mycofoods technology

A game changer in alternative protein production

We use state of the art Artificial Intelligence and robotics for automatic experimentation, analysis and optimization. Moreover, our proprietary Computer Vision system is able to analyse images 20.000 times faster than traditional techniques, with a higher level of detail.

This way, working hand in hand with our scientists, we can refine the fungi fermentation techniques of existing and approved strains, improving its quality, scalability, nutrition, taste, structure and cost.

So far, our team has achieved:

reduction of culture media cost
reduction of energy consumption in production process
reduction of water consumption in production process

The result is a market-ready product that better suits the needs of a range of food manufacturers, reducing the amount of post processing required for an end product.

Biomass producers

Biomass Producers

By understanding and having the ability to customize our product properties, biomass producers can better integrate with food manufacturers.

Food manufacturers

Food Manufacturers

In turn, food manufacturers can cut costs by reducing or eliminating the processing of their ingredients.



For customers, this means “clean deck” food industrially produced at better costs.

Size Matters

Kernel Mycofood production scenarios are flexible to meet the regular and particular food requirements in the market.

Industrial Mycofactory

Industrial Mycofactory

With their production and distribution power, large Mycofactories are the big players within our production system. They will use existing supply chains and make Kernel Mycofood available for food factories, markets, restaurants, and stores.

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Industrial Mycofactory

Medium Mycofactory

These container-sized units can get closer to schools, soup kitchens, refugee camps, or any area affected by social, environmental, or other crises. A single unit will be able to meet the daily protein requirements for between 100 and 1000 people.

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Industrial Mycofactory

Personal Mycofactory

All our achievements and future goals are setting a path where we will be able to give people the possibility to grow their own Mycofood at home. We are working on a prototype of a kitchen sized appliance able to cover the quota of Kernel MycoFood for a family.

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innovation partner

We are working with VTT, one of Europe’s leading research institutions with great experience in scientific innovation, to take Kernel Mycofood to the next level.