Kernel mycofood

100% animal-free fungal base product with an excellent nutritional profile. It has a balanced composition that contains high-quality
proteins, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Kernel Mycofood

Proper nutrition requires a balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fiber, vitamins, mineral and water. Proteins are critical in body development and maintenance. Unfortunately, they are also difficult to obtain in an adequate amount and quality in modern diets.

Kernel Mycofood provides a complete food for human nutrition, offering an excellent source of protein within a context that fulfills dietary requirements when combined with carbohydrates.

Biological Value

Kernel Mycofood

Qualifying the protein quality within a food is a complex procedure that uses some reference material. One of these procedures is the Biological Value. In this procedure the body incorporation of the building blocks of the proteins, the amino acids, is measured compared to an easily assimilable protein, the egg albumin (100 value).

Kernel Mycofood displays an excellent performance (85) compared to other protein sources, outcompeting most protein-containing foods in the regular diet.

Versatile Food

Kernel Mycofood has a neutral flavor, making it ideal for both sweet and savory meals. Its texture and bite resembles those of tuna fish, giving a pleasant mouthfeel.

Endless Possibilities

Burgers, steaks, drinks, snacks, candies…anything is possible. Being able to produce all kinds of products gives us the ability to adapt to every person’s specific needs.

100% Safe

Being a state of the art equipment based production and by using robust SOPs, Kernel Mycofood is a traceable and safe product that guarantees uniform quality.


Kernel Mycofood manufacturing process and characteristics makes it suitable for Kosher and Halal foods.

Kernel Mycofood is validated as a safe to eat ingredient by

never-ending optimization.

We are using state of the art Artificial Intelligence to optimize Kernel in both laboratory and industrial level. We can engineer biology and improve Kernel’s quality, scalability, properties, cost, and environmental impact.

We have also partnered with these world class leading companies in synthetic biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering to take Kernel to the next level.