In the modern food market, access to high-quality proteins is not guaranteed for everyone. Moreover, protein demand growth using the current production method results unsustainable and heavily harms our planet.

By decentralizing production, we will bring an entirely different protein manufacture system that will move from the field to the fermentation tank. We will transform the current supply and value chains in a far more efficient production system that generates less waste and reduces the need for transport significantly.

Better food, more affordable for everyone.

Size Matters

Kernel Mycofood production scenarios are flexible to meet the regular and particular food requirements in the market.

Industrial Mycofactory

Industrial Mycofactory

With their production and distribution power, the large Mycofactories are the big players within our production system. They will use existing supply chains and make Kernel Mycofood available for food factories, markets, restaurants, and stores.

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Industrial Mycofactory

Medium Mycofactory

Real decentralization begins with the SK1600 & 16000, two smaller and transportable Mycofactories. These container-sized units can get closer to schools, soup kitchens, refugee camps, or any area affected by social, environmental, or other crises. A single unit will be able to meet the daily protein requirements for between 100 and 1000 people.

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Industrial Mycofactory

Personal Mycofarm

When extreme situations, wishes or fun motor to grow your own Mycofood at home, our response is the MycoFarm: a kitchen sized appliance able to cover the quota of Kernel MycoFood for a family. This brings the full power of decentralization to their hands.

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Nurture - Protein to the people

We are operating with Nurture, a foundation to provide highly nutritive food to every individual around the world. Nurture works to achieve this goal through sustainable and innovative food production systems that are mindful of nature.

By partnering with them, we look forward to working with local communities so all raw materials needed for production can be obtained from nearby sources, providing new job opportunities along with social and commercial relationships that will boost the area.

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