From day one, we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve: make food with high-nutritional value protein accesible for everyone.
It’s a mission that starts with the production of Kernel Mycofood at a large scale but continues beyond that towards the decentralization of its manufacturing, to reach every corner of the planet.

The alternative to the alternative

In a world already focused on replacing or bringing alternatives to animal-based proteins, Kernel Mycofood appears as a new option where nutrition, high-quality food, and the environment are the top priorities.

We don’t want to focus only on the 375 million vegetarians and vegans around the globe.
We want Kernel Mycofood to be the standard for every human being.

We are working hard to fulfill these Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations:

Zero HungerGood health and well-beingClean water and sanitationIndustry, innovation and infrastructureSustainable cities and communitiesResponsible consumption and productionClimate action


Horacio AcerboHoracio Acerbo Linkedin
Horacio Acerbo
Chief Executive Officer
Martín BlascoHoracio Acerbo Linkedin
Martín Blasco
Chief Scientific Officer
Lucas GagoLucas Gago Linkedin
Lucas Gago
Chief Innovation Officer
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Miguel Neumann
Chief Financial Officer
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Lucas Llach
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Aito de la Rua
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Lucas LlachLucas Llach Linkedin
Lucas Llach
Lucas LlachLucas Llach Linkedin
Lucas Llach


Nurture - Protein to the people

We are operating with Nurture, a foundation to provide highly nutritive food to every individual around the world. Nurture works to achieve this goal through sustainable and innovative food production systems that are mindful of nature.

By partnering with them, we look forward to working with local communities so all raw materials needed for production can be obtained from nearby sources, providing new job opportunities along with social and commercial relationships that will boost the area.

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Press Kit

Logos, photos, company presentation and material for writing a story.


Project Summary

A short document of our company and main points of our Mycofood.


Nutritional Profile

Detailed nutritional information about Kernel Mycofood.



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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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