We want to contribute to ending world hunger in a sustainable way by decentralizing the manufacture of food, making it accessible for everyone.

About MycofoodAbout Us
Kernel Mycofood is validated as a safe to eat ingredient by

Fungi-based food with high-quality proteins and an excellent
nutritional profile.


Half a kilo of Mycofood suits the protein requirements for a 62kg body weight person.

About Mycofood

Kernel Mycofood production is also sustainable, with a massive reduction in environmental impact compared to other protein sources.

less environmental impact than meat
less environmental impact than crops
About Environment

the time
is now.

We have the chance to fight hunger, provide proper nutrition, and take care of the environment with a single product.

Kernel Mycofood is the perfect ally to establish a new way to create and consume food for future generations.

We are shifting production from large, remote, agricultural areas to smaller, easily accessible, urban areas.

This way, we can produce food using less feedstock, water, energy, and
land than other alternatives.

About Decentralization

Working with different-sized nodes is the best way to get Kernel Mycofood to every corner of the planet.

About Nodes

never-ending optimization.

We are using state of the art Artificial Intelligence to optimize Kernel in both laboratory and industrial level. We can engineer biology and improve Kernel’s quality, scalability, properties, cost, and environmental impact.

We have also partnered with these world class leading companies in synthetic biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering to take Kernel to the next level.