We are improving fungi fermentation techniques to create a more sustainable, cost-effective and flavor neutral protein ingredient that can be tailored to feed the world in a more conscious way.

Our TechnologyOur Product

Fungi-based food with high-quality proteins and an excellent
nutritional profile.


Half a kilo of Mycofood suits the protein requirements for a 62kg body weight person.

About Mycofood

Environmentally friendly

Kernel Mycofood production is also sustainable, with a massive reduction in environmental impact compared to other protein sources.

less impact than beef
less impact than chicken
less impact than soy
About Environment
We use Fusarium Venenatum to produce our ingredient, which has already been validated as a safe to eat by

Tailor Made

We use AI and predictive algorithms to customize our product structure, suiting a range of food product requirements: from texture to elasticity to water content.

Our Technology

the time
is now.

We have the chance to fight hunger, provide proper nutrition, and take care of the environment with a single product.

Kernel Mycofood is the perfect ally to establish a new way to create and consume food for future generations.

Why we do it


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Feb 1, 2021
Kernel Mycofoods listed on FoodTech 500 2020
Mar 26, 2021
Kernel to be tested in NASA-sponsored planetary analog mission
Mar 12, 2021
Started industrial scale-up with Ennolys, part of Lesaffre